The first 3 things to check and do when there is an electrical fault in your home and all of the electrics turns off.

1. Check to see if one of the fuses has blown or if the MCB/miniature circuit breaker in your fuseboard has tripped e.g. is in the off position.
2. If your consumer unit (or fuseboard) has a RCD (residual current device), then check to see it is in the off position

NB: Fuses, MCBs and RCDs are safety devices that are designed to activate when there is a fault or risk of danger!

3. If either of these will not stay in the on position, then try unplugging all of your appliances e.g. washing machine, toaster, etc. It might be that there is a problem with one of these.

If after attempting these steps you are still unable to get your electrics to work e.g. the power is off then…

Contact your local emergency electrician in Wimbledon

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